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First need products are a right for all human beings. With this in mind we have created Ikram Net, a net of solidary businesses that collaborates giving food, clothing, hygiene products and medicines to those people that are in need either from an emergency situation or living in poverty. The concept of solidarity is a human condition, for that reason we have no political, religious or social affiliation. In a world of well meaning intentions and phrases, what we need is action. We are no company, NGO or charitable association looking for donations. Ikram Net is an idea with the intention of enlarging solidarity between humankind in an easy and efficient way.

How does Ikram Net work?

It’s a very easy formula, after consuming or purchasing in the shop, the person willing to collaborate can pay for something for the next person in need or leave a small amount of money so the person in need can receive some items for free, in this way the shop becomes a solidary chain in between others. In no case the business owner has to give the money he’s received as a contribution, as the concept of Ikram Net is based only in the business consumables that are meant to be given. Ikram Net will never come to collect from the shop, each business organizes the collaboration in an independent way. The help given by each business will be depending of the money received from the collaboration given.

What is the reason to use the Ikram Net emblem?

If it would be normal to join in solidarity without having to join in a collective project, there is a logical reason in the use of an Ikram Nat distinctive logo, it’s helpful for both donors and people in need to recognize which are the solidary businesses with a sticker in a visible location outside as well as on the till.

Where do I sign up in order to collaborate with Ikram Net?

Ikram Net is a solidary net that doesn’t need registration or affiliation of any kind. Any business can sign up freely, anyhow, we ask that they communicate with us on the phone or via email so we can include their name and address in the list of solidary entities that appear in our website. By doing this we facilitate that donors and people in need come to your business.


0034 693 748 766

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